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Our Approach

Our approach is simple and effective. We design, implement, and manage a plan and help you to navigate your financial decisions. We are able to do so successfully by offering expertise and customer relationship services on a continuous basis. More information on how we work is explored below.


Barry has been an independent advisor for 27 years. Being independent ensures that we are not limited in what we can offer to our clients. Barry has worked diligently over the years to cultivate strong relationships with wholesalers, industry partners, mutual fund managers, and financial specialists. We find it advantageous to collaborate with the other professionals that our clients use (accountants, lawyers, mortgage specialists, etc) to ensure that we are all working towards the same goals.

We believe that continuing education is imperative and have cultivated an environment that supports and encourages our employees to continuously expand their knowledge base. We also believe in taking the time to educate our clients in products and services available to them. This is achieved during regular reviews or through seminars that we offer to our clients.

Our back office is administered by Manulife Wealth Inc.. Manulife Wealth Inc. endeavours to ensure that all of its policies and procedures create an environment of the highest ethical standards. Its compliance department verifies that all laws and regulations that affect our business are being met.

Scheduled Reviews

Scheduling reviews is a simple and effective tool that helps our team stay current with our clients. Being current ensures that we service our clients efficiently by providing the best solutions and products for their situation. It also provides the client with more opportunities to access us as a resource as they navigate their life and business choices. Together we become more efficient at evaluating goals and adjusting plans, and more capable of approaching situations proactively instead of reactively.

 Client Relationship Service

To ensure a relationship built on trust and integrity, we have developed the following Client Service Commitments:

  • We will take the time needed to fully understand your circumstances, needs, and goals.
  • Your personal information will always be treated in the strictest confidence.
  • We will explain the service that we provide and the true cost, benefits and consequence of any product or service available to you.
  • We will always explain paperwork to you in a way that you understand and will support our advice with timely, easy to comprehend documentation.
  • All of our staff will be professional and courteous to you.
  • We will reply to emails and phone calls in a timely manner. If we are unavailable, our voicemail and email out of office reply will indicate our return date and back up contact information.
  • We have designed and maintain an office space that is warm and comfortable. We can accommodate private meetings, groups, and have a space to entertain your children.
  • We understand that not everyone can come visit us during our office hours. As a result we can schedule house calls or after hour appointments.
  • If you are unhappy with the service we provide we will take your complaint seriously and attempt to resolve the matter to your complete satisfaction.

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